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What is GameAddict

GameAddict is a simple but effective way to control gaming habits and limit and reduce the amount of time gamers use to play. A personalized gaming schedule regulates the gamer’s access to games (League of Legends, Blizzard and Steam), so that the gamer won’t be able to log in to their games and play during blocked periods.

“Our mission is to give gamers the tools and support that they need to curb excessive gaming and find the right balance between gaming and real life."

We can’t force anyone to play less, it has to be the gamer’s decision. Once this decision has been made, it’s our job to bring discipline to the table. We do this by enforcing a strict, bypass-proof gaming schedule.

Who is GameAddict for?

Are you spending too much time playing computer and online games and you need to get your gaming under control? Do you set limits on gaming and then break them, playing hours and hours longer than you wanted? Do others in your life complain to you about your game use? Would you like to play just one or two LoL or Dota matches per day, but you end up playing 6-8 matches instead? Would you like to have a 2–3 days break from gaming, but your willpower just isn’t strong enough? GameAddict is the solution for you!

What is Gameaddict's story?

Peter Nemeckay, the co-founder of GameAddict and a former night-time gamer himself, says he was not able to control and cut down his League of Legends gaming time. The decision to play less or take a break never worked for more than a few days, it seemed impossible to harness enough discipline. He found the only way to reduce gaming was to give his game password to his brother and tell him: “Don’t give me the password for the next 5 days!”. This solution worked perfectly and it inspired him to create the GameAddict.

How does it work?

The personalized schedule hides the game passwords from the gamer during the blocked periods, when the gamer should not play. The passwords become visible again to the gamer during the open periods.

  • 1. Gamers activate a unique LoL, WoW or Steam password by combining their game password and GameAddict’s password.
  • 2. Gamers set up a personalized schedule according to their own will.
  • 3. By hiding our part of the password, the gamer temporarily loses access to the full password, which is required to log in to the game (LoL, WoW, Steam client).

When does Beta start?

The launch of the public Beta is planned for 28th June, 2017. The first phase will cover Beta launches in the US, UK, Korea, Australia, Canada, Slovakia and Czechia. Other regions will be added in 1-2 months

Who is behind GameAddict?

Founded in 2014, BytePioneers is a web and mobile app development company based in Slovakia. Apart from GameAddict, Bytepioneers portfolio also includes Android apps such as Camera Block, Microphone Block, and the relationship app Couple Tracker, which currently has over 4 million downloads. The launch of GameAddict in 2017 is the company’s first step towards tailoring to the growing needs of the online gaming market.

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