Keep your league of legends under control

Control your League of Legends gaming habbits and play just few games per day.
Gain time for your personal life, hobbies & work.

Try our League of Legends addiction test

Are you spending too much time gaming?

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Do others in your life complain to you about your League of Legends game use?

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Do you set limits on gaming and then break them, playing hours and hours longer than you wanted?

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Are you spending more time on your keyboard than physically hanging out with your friends?

GameAddict can help you control and manage your gaming time


Easy part - Deciding to play less

Deciding to play less is the easy part. You can decide anytime on gaming times that suit you – play during weekends, every other day or only after 6 PM.

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Hard part - Sticking to your decision

Then the hard part comes. Sticking to your promise only fuels the urge to start playing again. Resolutions hardly last more than a few days. We know, we’ve tried and failed too.


Solution - GameAddict

We’ve learned our lesson and so we set out to create GameAddict. This tool is our gift to you to help control your gaming habbits. Create your own gaming schedule based on your needs and we’ll make you stick to it.

How does our service work?

1. Activate our password

Create your GameAddict account and paste our password to the end of your League of Legends password.

2. Combine passwords

Change your game password to the combined password. We will keep our part of the combined password safe from you.

3. Create your blocking Schedule

Create your schedule based on how many hours you want to spend playing or how often you want to play (after 6pm, during weekends, blocked for the next 5 days, etc.)

4. Blocked period: Our password disappears

Once the schedule is locked, you will not able to change it. Our part of the password is hidden from you during the blocked periods so you can’t log in to the game.

5. Open period: Our password returns!

Our part of the password becomes visible and you’re free to play. Your game remains unlocked until next blocked period. Your schedule can be anytime extended.

Create your own schedule

protection schedule calendar league of legends limit blocker


  • 4 games per day
  • Between 2pm and 11pm
  • 14 days break during exams


  • 2 games per day
  • Only after 7 pm
  • Free weekends

Custom schedule

  • Every second day
  • Only after 6 pm
  • Have 3 days break

What can GameAddict do for me?

Swipe to calculate your benefits

Normally I play: 3 hours a day.

That's 90 hours per month.

I wish to play: 3 hours a day.

That'll be 90 hours per month.

We can help you to save 45 hours per month

This time could be valued 225 $ -

Safe, parental protected and secured

key protection

Does Game Addict have access to my full game password?


Game Addict only has access to part of your game password. Your password is never stored or transferred to our system. Therefore, nobody has access to misuse it and log in to your game.

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Can anyone apart from me gain access to my blocking schedule?

No way!

We are parent-proof, girlfriend-proof, family-proof etc. We don’t give anyone access to your blocking schedule. It must be your decision to cut down on gaming - protection can’t be forced on you. We provide this service to gamers and no one else.

addiction protection guarrantee

My game is blocked, but I NEED to play. Can I reset my password to access it?


Once you activate the high level protection settings we will block all attempts to reset your password. This protection is 100% and you will not be able to do anything to recover your password until the blocked period ends.

Choose a plan that suits you best

game addict free plan

Free plan

The free plan is limited on 10 free days of blocking per month.

Free plan
game addiction free trial plan

14 days PRO trial

Try our PRO plan for 14 days and then decide to go Free or Pro.

PRO trial
game addiction PRO plan

PRO plan

Pay 7.99$ per month and get full version of GameAddict protection.

PRO plan

Asks your parents or girlfriend! We bet they’d have no problem paying this service for you.